Re: Home Network with Vista and XP Strange Behaviour

Aviator wrote:


I have read and re-read the posts about vista-xp networking but somehow
the suggestions still don't work. I can access the Vista laptop through
the desktop PC XP SP2 which is wired to the router but I can't acces the
desktop pc via the laptop which is connected wirelessly, though it shows
it in the "Network" window. I get an error that says Windows cannot access
(computer name) error code:0x80070035 network path was not found. Then it
offers to diagnose and then when it has finished, it says "Cannot
communicate with (Computer name)" This seems strange as I can
access Vista with XP but not XP with Vista. Can anyone help please?

Check your firewall on the XP box. See:

Configure firewalls on all machines to allow the Local Area Network (LAN)
traffic as trusted. With Windows Firewall, this means allowing File/Printer
Sharing on the Exceptions tab. Normally running the Network Setup Wizard on
XP will take care of this for those machines.The only "gotcha" is that this
will turn on the XPSP2 Windows Firewall. If you aren't running a
third-party firewall or have an antivirus with "Internet Worm
Protection" (like Norton 2006/07) which acts as a firewall, then you're
fine. With third-party firewalls, I usually configure the LAN allowance
with an IP range. Ex. would be Obviously you
would substitute your correct subnet. Do not run more than one firewall.

What firewall, antivirus, and other security software are you running on the
XP box?

Also, please provide the results of an ipconfig /all on both machine in your
next post. We're interested in seeing the IP addresses for the computers,
the gateway, and the DNS servers.

Start>Run>cmd [enter]
ipconfig /all [enter]

Start Orb>Search box>type: cmd
When cmd appears in the Results above, right-click it and run as
Administrator. Then do the ipconfig at the command prompt as above.

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