Re: Problems with Vista Shares dropping off

Sounds like computer browser issue. Any errors in the event viewer?

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After searching the internet, I was unable to find a solution to the
following problem. (Maybe it is my keywords)

In our office, we have approximately 16 machines that run Win XP Pro
and one machine with Vista Ultimate 32bit. The Vista machine has
folders that are shared with "Everyone" granted permission to these
folders. After starting up the Vista machine first thing in the
morning, the XP machines are able to access the shared folders on the
Vista machine. However, after a period of time, the XP machines loss
their ability to access these shared folders. The period of time is
completely random, Sometimes it is half of an hour, other times it is
a few days. If the Vista machine is restarted, the ability for XP to
access the shared folders is restored until the next time the shares
drop off.

If it helps the Vista machine is a Dell Dimension 9200. Vista SP1 has
not been installed on the machine, since I have heard of additional
problems it creates.

How do I resolve the issue of the Vista shares dropping off.

Please email any solutions to bieglerr@xxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks for you assistance.