Re: Wireless connects even if wired connection is available

Many wireless laptops have turn on/off switch. Do you have that?

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"Bill" <Bill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:2437017A-87C8-453F-BEFC-E935CB19E553@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am running Vista SP1. When I turn on the computer with an ethernet cable
attached and a wireless connection available, Vista will connect both the
wired and wireless connections. This leads to a conflict and networking will
not work until I turn off one of the connections. I then need to manually
turn off the wireless, at which point the wired connections works. This did
not happen on this computer when I ran XP.

I thought this might just be an idiosyncricy of this computer since I have
not seen any discussion about the problem but I got ths same thing happening
when trying to troubleshoot another laptop.

Can anyone off me a suggestion as to what may be happening and how to
correct it?