Re: Network and Pinters

Ed H wrote:


I want to make sure I buy the correct item. My desktop is connected to our
wireless router via cable and our notebook is wireless. I want to buy a
printer to attach, usb, to the desktop but that I can network to the
notebook. Any specifics I need to ask for? Do I install the software in
both computers? Would a usb wireless adapter for the desktop be the way to

My first choice is always to buy a networkable printer - one that will
connect via ethernet cable to the router - instead of one that will connect
directly to a computer. The price of networkable printers has come down
drastically and it is easy to find out. This way you don't need to leave
the desktop running when you want to print from another computer.

You didn't say whether you wanted a plain printer or an all-in-one, an
inkjet or a laser printer. You need to think about how you are going to use
the printer to make this decision. If you want to print photos, brochures,
etc. then you will want an inkjet. If this is a business printer with
little or no color printing needs, then a laser is the better choice. A
laser printer costs a bit more upfront but you save considerably on
consumables. Laser printers use toner and the ink for inkjet printers is
extremely expensive.

All that said, you need to make sure that the printer supports vista. You
will need to install drivers for each machine's operating system on each
machine that is going to use the printer.

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