Re: The Frustrations of Networks

NetRider wrote:

If it is not obvious by now... We must all realize that Microsoft has it's
own direction. We are pretty much not in control of our own computers, nor
will we be ever. The issues I have seen, and what you all are seeing is
the results of many things. All of which I will not be able to address.

(snip rant)

This is just silly. First of all, there is no requirement that a person
needs to know anything about the highly technical area of computers except
the basics of how to use them and how to stay safe while using them. I
don't know why you think you should automatically know this stuff when you
wouldn't hesitate to call a plumber, take your car to the mechanic, have an
electrician out to your house, go to a doctor for a health problem, etc.
This isn't any different.

Computers are extremely complex and powerful machines. Your expectations are
unrealistic and have nothing to do with Microsoft. I'd like to see you try
and set up a Linux network. You wouldn't be able to blame Microsoft for
your inability to do that, of course.

If you need help setting up your network, get help instead of whinging about
it here. Someone who knows how to set up a network can do it in a very few

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