Re: Router does not show as part of network

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I have had a new vista desktop for about 6 weeks. It is hooked directly
into a Linksys router which in turn hooked to my DSL modem. I also have a
laptop on the network connected wirelessly. For the first few weeks,
whenever I clicl on network I see three icons--one for the desktop, one for
the laptop and one for the router. Acouple of weeks ago I noticed that now
there is only an icon for the desktop and for the laptop. I have rebooted
several times and then run the network utility but the router ceases to show
up. The router works as both pc's have internet access and both pc's share
files ok. Anyone know what might be the issue? Thanks.

Make sure that:

1. Your router's UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) capability is enabled.

2. Your computer's Network Discovery capability is enabled in Control
Panel > Network and Sharing Center.
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