Re: Vista crashing the entire network?

What router are you using.
I have setup several Vista machines (from HP), with Linksys routers (G), and have not had any trouble.

"UltimateFrisbee" <UltimateFrisbee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:90C9F578-E82D-4AB1-81B3-64EC855AE8A1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have a local network with 4 Vista boxes and one XP box, and despite all of
our efforts the internet crashes frequently and the router needs to be reset.
The XP machine says that it is still connected during these times, but there
is no data transfer.

I am absolutely positive that this is an operating system-related issue
because not only have we swapped out all of the cables, but we've also
purchased a new router, and switched from local internet service to cable
with absolutely no change in performance.

This would be fine if it were one computer but all of the computers seem to
crash simultaneously and we end up needing to unplug and replug in the router
to get it to work. We've made a whole variety of changes in regards to our
router setup etc, but I'm very convinced that the situation lies at the
computer level.

Thanks for any help!