Re: Unable to RDP to Vista Ultimate

Well, not sure what other thing can cause it. You said you can access it via home network (so in my opinion Vista's firewall out of question here), and router port forwarding also set up correctly (so router out of question). Other than that (except for some nasty ISP) could not really block traffic.

First i would try to put vista desktop's ip into dmz on the router, and check if it is reachable. If it connects it is a router (port forward issue), if not a Vista one.


Mike wrote:
On Jun 11, 1:16 pm, Bistey Csaba <bcs...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Are you also set up a port forward on your router?


Mike wrote:
I am unable to RDP or FTP into my Vista Ultimate PC from outside of my
home network. I used to be able to RDP to my old Windows XP box, and
I am banging my head against the wall as to why I can't do this to
I have done all the expected setup:
1 - Created Firewall rules to allow RDP and FTP (I installed/
configured FTP service) into my vista box (from public, private, and
2 - Forwarded my Router 3389 and 21 ports to my vista box
3 - Enabled Remote Desktop and explicitly added users who can remote
4 - I have a DynDns entry setup which points to my router (TrendNet
Interesting observations:
1) I was initially unable to FTP or RDP from my XP pro laptop which
is wirelessly connected to the same router as my vista box. After
installing LLTD on the laptop, I can now do both.
2) If I use wireshark to watch my network traffic I can see that when
FTP/RDP fails, I see three attempts by the outside IP to connect to my
vista IP. There are no responses from the Vista box. If I try to
connect from my (now working) laptop on the same network, I see a
extensive back and forth between the two machines (as you would
3) I turned off Windows Vista firewall altogether and still had the
same problem.
4) I do not see any logging in vista firewall that indicates it is
rejecting the connection from the outside.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be the problem?
Thanks in advance for your help,

Yes, I have setup port forwarding on the router.

Also, since I posted this I tried telnetting to port 3389 from outside
my network. I do not seem to get any response.