Re: Vista can't access password protected network share

Check this:

Think those settings will solve your problem, but will degrade security (as for authentication goes).

The other option (upgrade samba on device) is like:

1.) Make backup from routers mtd partitions.
2.) Get OpenWRT kamikaze from SVN
3.) Configure it.
4.) Patch Samba.
5.) Compile
6.) Flash router and pray.
7.) If you lucky telnet in set it up via nano,vi or your favourite text editor, if not so lucky get familiar with device's bootloader (think it is ADAM2 as most AR7 based routers) in worst case scenario prepare your JTAG cable to be use.

So while first option is degrade security, second option has a nice chance to degrade router to 'brick'. Unless you know what you doing i would choose 1st.


kakii wrote:

LAN network created by DSL-Router AVM FritzBox 7270.
One LAN client - windows xp pro sp3
One WLAN client - vista business 32bits sp1

USB mass storage connected to router. Router shares the drive
using samba server. Win xp has no problems while accessing this drive.
Vista can access the drive only if it is not protected by password.

What network setting is the vista pc missing ?