Re: Vista fails to get IP from router

Kerry & Jack:

The network card appears OK as shown on the Device Manager.
I tried a static IP but the Diagnostic is still pointing to the router being the cause of this problem. I have three other machines which have static IPs and one laptop which uses router assigned IP. So, the router is working static or automatically assigned IP.

Jack (MVP-Networking). wrote:
First look at the OS Device Manger and make sure that you have a valid error free installation of a Network card.
Then (for diagnostic purposes) try a static IP that is out of the Router's DHCP range.
Jack (MVP-Networking).

"churin" <churin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:OZgPghU0IHA.4424@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I just installed Vista x64 and found it failed to connect to my home network. Diagnostic indicates the Vista is failing to get IP from the router. This did not happen when I installed Vista x86 or XP x86, x64. Other machine running these OSes have no connection problem.
What could be wrong with the Vista x64?