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Thanks for the reply.

To search for a computer, type its name in the Search box preceded by
two backslashes:


Now that is intuitive, user freindly and discoverable.:(

Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing
Center. Make sure that Network Discovery and File Sharing are turned
on. Configure the network as a private network.

Network Discovery is on. The network is a private network.

If there's a firewall program (Norton, McAfee, etc), configure it to
allow access by other computers on the local area network. Note that
some antivirus programs have firewall components that have to be
configured, such as Norton Antivirus' "Internet Worm Protection".

There is no 3rd party firewall or anti-virus program installed.

"\\COMPUTERNAME" to refer to a networked computer is hardly intuitive,
but that's what Windows has used since the days of Windows 95, and
possibly earlier.

You didn't say whether File Sharing is turned on.

Turn Network Discovery and File Sharing off, then turn them back on.
Go to the network connection properties and un-bind "Internet Protocol
Version 6". Those steps sometimes get file sharing to work on a
stubborn Vista computer.
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Steve Winograd, MS-MVP (Windows Networking)

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