Re: Question about usb wireless client

This one is. Been using Vista supplied drivers since RTM. It's a Zonet
ZEW2500P, drivers are Ralink drivers Digitally signed as Vista hardware
compatible. Vista Device Manager lists it as a RT2500 USB Wireless LAN


Walter B

"Robert L. (MS-MVP)" <findemail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
make sure the USB is compatible with Vista.
Vista incompatible issues
Some switches or routers may not compatible with Vista - Solutions:
upgrade the firmware, ... As we know some router DHCP is not compatible
with Vista. ...

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"Walter Blanchard" <Walter_B@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm wondering if my USB wireless client is about to fail. Yesterday, I
could no longer connect to either my home workgroup or the Internet from
my Vista x64 box. All had been working fine until then. After fooling
with every possible combination of hardware and software possibilities
for the problem, I finally did what I should have done first.

I ran ipconfig and the results showed the IPv4 address to be one of those addresses. The setting were to automatically get IP
address and DNS server. So, that explains why the computer wasn't on the
workgroup or couldn't get to the Internet.

I manually set the IPv4 address to one in the range of my LAN 192.168.x.x
and filled in the ISP's DNS server address. Everything is working fine

Could the fact that the USB device didn't automatically find the IP
address, etc. be the warning of a hardware failure? Should I start
looking for another? Finding a USB wireless client that works with Vista
x64 won't be easy.



Walter B


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