Re: Cannot disable Password Protected Sharing

Unfortunately no, neither of those helped :(

I tried setting a password on my admin account, made no difference.

The only 3rd party software I have installed that may affect it is Free AVG
Virus checker. I disabled this and retried, no joy.

The only remaining option is some sort of group policy setting. I've got a
bog standard install (which I've also got on 3 other systems with no
problems) so I don't see why anything in those settings will have changed.

I simply cannot disable it and it's very frustrating.

"Robert L. (MS-MVP)" wrote:

It could be 3 rd party software issue. Or these search results may help.

Can’t enable/disable Vista ...If you can’t enable/disable Vista Password
Protected Sharing or the Password Protected Sharing is grayed out, you may
try one of the following solutions. ...

Can't disable/Enable Password ...It is on the topic on Can’t Disable
or Enable Password Protected Sharing in Vista. Do you have any suggestions?
I have had this problem for two months or ...

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"Dodgy Bob" <DodgyBob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi all,

I've got Vista Ultimate 32bit SP1. If I try and disable Password
Sharing (highlight disable and click on apply) it just remains on.

I've tried with the guest account enabled and disabled and with and
a password set on the guest account (as suggested in other posts).

I'm the only user on the system and am an administrator.

Can you help?

Thanks in advance.