Re: ICS problem with otherwise functioning network

I tried shieldsup and the computers passed without a problem- 100%

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Hi, Ive just had broadband connected to my house.

Currently I have a network consisting of four computers connected through an
internal switch on one of my computers in one of the bedrooms for ease of

The computer with the broadband modem has been chosen as it is newest
and is closest to the telephone line socket. It has two network cards, one
connected to the modem and the other to the rest of the network.

Independantly, the network connections are running fine (all computers can
see each other and transfer data properly) and the internet connection is
working well for the computer connected directly to the modem.

The network is setup using Static IP Addresses (With
0.1 being for the host) and the modem is connected using a different set of
IP addresses.

I have also set the internet connection sharing options according to what is
required on the microsoft website for both the internet host and clients.

I have both Norton Antivirus and Zonealarm activated on all computers but
have set them up to allow access to each other.

My problem therefore is, despite my broadband connection working on the one
computer, and my network connections working, I cannot get ICS to work.

Help would be appreciated


Do you use the free version of ZoneAlarm? That program, if running on
the host computer, can prevent the client computers from accessing the
Internet. To find out if that's the problem, enable the Windows
Firewall on the host, uninstall (don't just disable) ZoneAlarm on the
host, and reboot the host. BTW, the paid ZoneAlarm firewalls (Plus
and Pro) work OK with ICS on the host.

Are the clients properly configured? Their network connections'
TCP/IP properties should be:

IP Address: 192.168.0.x (1<x<255)
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DNS Server = or your ISP's DNS server

Thankyou Ive fixed it now.

The clients were properly configured, the problem was Zone Alarm as you
suggested. However through some experimentation, all I had to do was lower
the firewall setting on the internet connection from high to medium.

I hadnt thought of checking the firewall setting, as ICS was working with
the existing settings with my old dialup connection before broadband became
available in my area.

Thankyou very much

You're welcome. I'm glad that my suggestion helped you solve the

So do I understand that you have the free version of ZoneAlarm and
made it work with ICS by just changing the firewall setting?

Is that level of firewall protection sufficient? I'd try a ShieldsUp!
full port scan at to see.

Thanks, I will try that.

Yes, I did have the free version of Zonealarm, but I made a mistake earlier,
I dont have Norton Antivirus on my computer I have Norton 360

Would both of them together along with the windows firewall be enough?

You're welcome. Running more than one firewall can cause problems
with network and Internet access. Choose either ZoneAlarm, Norton
360's firewall, or Windows Firewall. Disable or un-install the other
Best Wishes,
Steve Winograd, MS-MVP (Windows Networking)

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