Re: Vista Sharing with older versions of Windows

All three already have the same user name and passwords.

"Robert L. (MS-MVP)" wrote:

Have you tried to create the same username and password on the both ME and
Vista? Or this search result may help.
Vista common issue - can see but ...
Apr 9, 2008 ... Vista Permission IssuesVista common issue - can see
but access ... So, the common issues sharing are 1) you may be able to see
it but access ...

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"stevef" <stevef@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a peer-to-peer network that has 1 Vista Home Premium, 1 XP
Professional, and one Windows Me machine. I know that Windows Me is no
longer supported by Microsoft, but I MUST have a machine that run a
particular piece of DOS software, and it only runs fully on Windows 9x.
(NT-based O/Ses don't understand its MIDI device calls.) Vista doesn't
it natively at all. (No full-screen DOS sessions.) This software is
the everyday running of my business. (A windows version has been promised
since 1994, but it hasn't appeared yet.)

I would like to upgrade the XP machine to Vista, but I can't get the Me
machine to see the Vista machine that's already there. I use XP to serve
files to the Me machine so having communication both ways is absolutely

The Vista machine will read the Me machine, but when I try to get the Me
machine to see the Vista machine, I get asked for a password, and no
what I try, the connection is refused. The Vista machine has the password
protected sharing turned OFF, so it shouldn't be asking for a password

I have no problems reading the Vista machine from the XP one.

I need to sort this out or I can't upgrade.

Any ideas?