Re: Vista Copy Speed over the network is slower that XP SP2 and OS X..much slower?

You may try to disable auto tuning. This search result may help.
Vista Slow Issues
Disable the automatic adjustment (Auto Tuning) for the TCP window size on the network. To do this, follow these steps: Click Start , type cmd and press ...

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"Sam" <samuel.ali@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:c1d60a27-8d1c-4252-b7fd-cb16f61c1c04@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
First and foremost..I apologize for posting to this group and the
Vista General group. I think this one is more appropriate for my issue
since it is network related...

We have a client with a new Vista Business x64 Workstation joined to a
2003 (native) AD domain. The hardware specs are first class (64GB
RAM, Dual Qaud core 3+GHz Intel Procs, Fastest SATA disks available,
2 Uber Graphics card in SLI, Giabit NIC, etc.). This machine must move
large amounts of data to a File Server's SAN frequently (hundreds of
gigs per upload or download). The problem is uploads and downloads to
this file server via mapped drive in Vista take considerably longer
than either an XP Pro SP2 or MacBook Pro from THE SAME network jack.

What we have done so far with minimal improvements if any:
1. Disabled active AV scanning on the file server and removed it
completely on the Vista workstation (were using Trend Micro).
2. Disabled "Remote Differential Compression".
3. Disabled SMB 2.0 via registry
***at this point the file transfer calculation seemed to start working
correctly, previously it would estimate it would take 4+ hours to copy
85Gb of test data when in reality it was finished much much sooner
(several minutes but forget the exact number now)*** Client reported
some speed improvements at this point but not that great. From the
file server during the transfer (when this is the only transfer
happening on the network) the Gigabit NIC on the server reports a
network utilization of 30-40%.

The entire building is wired with Fiber. The file server and SAN are
connected to a Black Diamond switch with a 1-2GB fiber blade. The
workstation is connected to a Allied Telesyn Media converter via
copper/ethernet gigabit connection (media converter routed to same
fiber blade).

Next week Im going to do some bench marking with different operating
systems, data, connections etc. I need to find a fiber card that has
Vista x64 drivers and see if that helps.

Any ideas on how I can improve this transfer speed?

Thanks in Advance!