Re: Problem copying large file over network


I am have the same problem when coping a large file. Have you ever found a

I have Vitsa Ultimate, Dell XP M1530. The problem occurs on both wireless
and wired connection to a HP NAS.


"Erintech" wrote:

Further tests & changes:

- Different network card (Linksys LNE100TX). This functions perfectly but
copy bug still occurs

- Went back to original NIC (Broadcom embedded) but with old (XP) driver -
again, it works perfectly but I still have the copy bug.

- Applied SP1 (the recent public release candidate). I STILL have the bug.

Regarding the difference between the two PC's:

PC with large file copy bug:

- Vista Ultimate
- Dell 8400

PC without the bug

- Vista home
- Newer Dell

So basically the hardware will be completely different (MB, hard drive,
memory type, peripherals etc) Impossible to track down what would cause the
bug to manifest itself.

I am going to escalate this problem to microsoft.

"Kerry Brown" wrote:

"Erintech" <Erintech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Kerry - you mention problems with a Broadcom NIC. My Dell has an embedded
(wired network) Broadcom NIC called a NetExtreme 57xx gigabit controller.

The problem first arose with the default drivers which Vista installed. I
grabbed the latest from Broadcom, but this didn't help.

Dell don't offer any Vista drivers for this PC, which is a couple of years
old. Following your advice I will try the XP drivers from Dell...

One other option is to get a replacement NIC card.

Thanks for the suggestion of using alternative network copy app, but the
original problem arose out of a Norton Ghost backup failure - it can't
to the network drive; I simplified the problem down to a network copy of
backup file saved locally. So in order to get the network backup to work
need to resolve the fundamental problem.

In the meantime, I have ftp'ed the file to another vista PC on my
and that PC *can* copy over the network to the NAS.

I conclude therefore:

- The NAS is OK
- The network is OK
- The file is OK
- FTP works OK, so some elements of the data transfer process are OK
- If the (dual boot) pc is booted to XP, the file copy works OK so again
the hardware and network appear OK

This leaves me with Vista and maybe the NIC drivers.

If the copy worked OK from a different Vista pc then you have to determine
what the difference is between the two pc's.

Kerry Brown
Microsoft MVP - Shell/User