Re: Is the LLTD responder required on XP SP3

On Fri, 20 Jun 2008 12:03:51 -0700, Bill wrote:

Hans-Georg Michna wrote:

The real question is whether a Vista PC can see XP SP3
PCs in its network map without the manual LLTD installation.

In my case the answer is no. The Vista PC did not show any of the XP
PCs in its full map view until I performed the manual LLTD install on
the XP PCs. After installing LLTD on one XP PC I opened the full map in
Vista and that one XP PC was displayed. The other two were not. I then
installed LLTD on the other two, opend the full map view and all three
XP PCs were displayed.


well, that sounds pretty convincing.

So we conclude fairly firmly that Service Pack 3 does not
contain the LLTD function.

Thanks for the good information!

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