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For troubleshooting, start the Vista with clean boot.
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"poypoy" <poypoy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:E56DBB7D-AD1D-4E0F-A67B-5E734B6432C2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
greetings to all,

i have a vista deskop connected to the internet via lan->access point->router.
the problem that i encountered recently is that i cant connect to yahoo
messenger and cabal online launcher. i also cant update windows defender and
nod32. but i can surf the net.
windows defender gave me the error code :80072EFE which is the firewall
thingy. i tried turning the firewall Off but still cant connect.

here's more.. i tried this last night. i installed Virtual pc from microsoft
and installed a virtual windows XP on it. i tried yahoo messenger and its
working. it connects.

i hope you guys can solve my problem. i really love vista. i dont want to
uninstall it