Re: Delayed network connection on boot - Clean install

With respect Robert, your post isnt excatly helpful. I have started my
machine in safe mode...but this doesnt really allow me to discover the issue
unless I have an general idea of what the issue actually is..which at this
stage I dont.

In safe mode, the machine reacts exactly the same way in does in normal
mode. Again, I totally have no idea what the issue might be.


"Robert L. (MS-MVP)" wrote:

For troubleshooting, start the computer with clean boot.
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"BrantRaven" <BrantRaven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi Everyone,

I decide to re-baseline my desktop home system with a fresh install of
Windows Vista Ultimate. Everything seemed to install correctly. Vista
up most of the drivers and I was able to supply the ones it didn’t.

After setup and re-boot, I noticed that the desktop/sidebar appears
reasonably fast, after which there is a delay of about a minute with some
disk activity during which the Network icon in System Tray has a red X.
about a minute or so, there is a great deal of disk activity (the system
seems to be paging). The delay continues further until finally the yellow
exclamation symbol appears, quickly followed by the globe icon. The system
then functions as normal.

The delay can be anywhere between 1-3 minutes. My motherboard has 3
connections; 1 direct connection to my NAS server, 1 to the ADSL modem, 1

I have spent the last 2 days trying to resolve this issue, so any help
be greatly appreciated.