Re: Another Remote Desktop problem

Well if you cant telnet 3389 it means something still blocking access to that port, most likely another security sofware with integrated firewall is installed (or not correctly uninstalled). And yes it cant be a router issue as if i understand good both computer on lan and router only shaping wan<->lan traffic.


joebean write:
I am trying to connect to my Vista Ultimate 32 machine from an XP
Professional machine. I can't get a connection or even an attempt at a

Here is what I've tried so far. - I turned off the Windows firewall.
- I am connecting from another computer inside my network.
- I have tried both the (less secure) and (more secure) options in
the Remote desktop area.
- I have tried to telnet to my machine to port 3389 and it fails to
- I can ping the machine, see shared directories and connect to
remote management.
- I have turned on all services having to do with remote access and
terminal services.
So just clarify, it isn't a router issue, I am just trying to connect
from one machine to another inside my network. Once I get that working,
I will setup the router.

I have been searching around for a while trying to find the answer to
this problem. I have seen a hundred posts related to this topic but they
all seem to end to at "try to telnet to port 3389" with no further
responses. Any help would be greatly apprecaited. It seems like this is
a fairly common vista problem so it would be great to find an answer.