Re: VPN and Remote desktop connection problems

The new Vista may have a 3rd party firewall block different subnet if you have one. If yes, you may need to add the work LAN subnet when you use VPN. For a test, start the Vista with clean boot.

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I have a new Lenovo with Vista for business OS (that replaces my old
thinkpad on XP). At my office, I am able to use remote desktop
connection to remotely operate my work pc (a VISTA business OS) - by
attaching to the work network by wire. However, at home I use the VPN
to connect to the work network. THe VPN connects just fine but the RDC
comes up with the error message "This computer can't connect to the
remote PC."

At home I have a 3 PC wired network with the notebook being one of the
connections. THe other PCs are XP pro's and can connect via the VPN and
RDC to my work PC with no problems.

I've read the posts and it seems there isn't a clear answer to this
problem. Also, if there is a fix that affects my home network, then
what happens when I'm traveling and use the broadband connection in a
hotel? If the issue is opening ports, I'll need some help as my
experience with my router (netgear) is basic to moderate.

I need to resolve this as I leave town in a week for business and I
need to connect.