Re: Vista cannot see XP machines

I am glad Steve sorted it for you Bill.
Even Steve questioned my reasons, a while ago, for redoing the XP's Wizard!
It was something that worked for me!
So, I deleted it from my Generic response, then he posted back it was a GOOD
idea, and he was going to use it in XP Networking advice!

So, I put it back in, lol.
Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"Bill" wrote:

Mick Murphy wrote:

I gave you advice; you won't take it!
"New" is in inverted commas; and I gave you the reason WHY to run the

You DON'T read posts!

Mick, I appreciate your help and I went through every single step in
your message including running the wizards. I did every step including
the wizards twice with a cold boot in between just to make sure that I
had not missed something the first time. When that did not work I
posted my preceeding message thinking might have misunderstood your
instructions. I apologize for not providing a more detailed explanation
of what I done.

With Steve Winograd's help I was finally able to connect to an XP
machine and add a shared printer although I still cannot see the XP
machines in the Network and Sharing | View Network Devices window.

FYI, Steve's solution that worked was to enter \\computername in the
Start | Search box. That opens a windows that shows the XP machine and
all of its shared resources.