Re: ICS problem with otherwise functioning network

On Wed, 28 May 2008 01:32:00 -0700, ZeroSP
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So do I understand that you have the free version of ZoneAlarm and
made it work with ICS by just changing the firewall setting?

Is that level of firewall protection sufficient? I'd try a ShieldsUp!
full port scan at to see.

Thanks, I will try that.

Yes, I did have the free version of Zonealarm, but I made a mistake earlier,
I dont have Norton Antivirus on my computer I have Norton 360

Would both of them together along with the windows firewall be enough?

You're welcome. Running more than one firewall can cause problems
with network and Internet access. Choose either ZoneAlarm, Norton
360's firewall, or Windows Firewall. Disable or un-install the other

I tried shieldsup and the computers passed without a problem- 100%

That's good. Did you disable all but one firewall? Running more than
one firewall can interfere with your ability to access the Internet,
and there's no benefit to running more than one.
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