Re: No Adhoc ethernet option in Vista Busness

Ad-Hoc connection is related to Wireless.
To connect two computers you need a cross over Cat5e cable connecting them through the Network cards . Then configure each computer Network setting with static IP.!CED2A18FB2A30E11!359.entry
Jack (MVP-Networking).

"JRowe" <JRowe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:57B3BF3B-2DA7-4518-81E5-9FAEEA0747FE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am trying to adhoc two laptops using ethernet. One is running XP3 the other
Vista Business. In the Microsoft article
they say at point 3 "Set up an ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network". I do
not have that option available, only Set up a wireless ad hoc
(computer-to-computer) network.

What gives?????????????? Any ideas??????????????????