Re: Vista Not Playing Nice - Sharing Files

More info:

On the desktop I can click Network>Laptop and access the laptop's Public
folder and Printers. This is what I'm having difficulty accomplishing from
the laptop (accessing Network>Desktop). I get this error:

"\\VISTADESKTOP is not accessible. You might not have permission to use
this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out
if you have access permissions. Access is denied."

Also forgot to mention that Password Protected Sharing is off on both PCs.


I saw last night that I can access the laptop shared folders from the
desktop and I've done LESS configuring there. Tell me what am I missing?
Thanks for the reply.


"Robert L. (MS-MVP)" wrote:

Do a simple test. Can you ping each other by IP?

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"Powlaz" <Powlaz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Here's the problem:

Vista Ultimate (non SP1) on desktop PC approved to run Vista.
Vista Business (non SP1) on laptop approved to run Vista.

When desktop had XP and the laptop had Vista I had no trouble sharing
Right after Vista was installed on the desktop (before a random reboot) I
could share files/folders between both Vista PCs.

Now I can't share files/folders. I have enabled file and printer sharing
on the desktop. I have added a user to the desktop with the same "name"
the user on the laptop. Both computers are part of the same Workgroup.

I have set up several shares: Music, Video, Storage (docs & programs,
and can't access them from the laptop through the network share, so I also
can't map the drives. If memory serves me I also allowed 'Everyone' share
permission also. And UAC is disabled on both machines. The The UPNP
and video files share fine.

One more thing, I am fully updated up to SP1. Unless SP1 is known to
resolve this issue (I've read about this before but can't seem to fix my
problem with it) I won't be installing it.

So what am I missing? This is driving me crazy.

Thanks for the help.