Re: Router does not show as part of network

I agree with you. I can see the laptop and we can share files , so I guess I
should just be happy about that. I just kept thinking that something must
not be right because a few weeks ago the network would show the router I was
hooked into and now it doesn't -but I can live with that. Thanks again for
the recommendations.

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Both items you mentioned are enabled. I can see my laptop on the network
from the desktop and vice versa. Another interesting point is this--When I
first got my new desktop I had my old desktop plugged into the router and
then I added the new desktop to the router as well as the laptop being
connected wirelessly. I could see all three pc's in the network and share
files among them. Once I got the new pc working and files from old desktop
transferred ( I didn't ttransfer any settings), I then unhooked the old
desktop. Rather than leaving the new desktop plugged into its original slot
on the router--after I physically moved it to where the old desktop had been,
I plugged the new pc into the slot where the old desktop had been. The new
pc did not show the laptop as being on the network, even after rebotting.
However, once I plugged the new pc back into its old slot , then the network
showed both the desktop and laptop as being on the network, but no longer
showed the router.

I am under the impression that the desktop could be plugged into any of the
router spots and work and that the network should show all items. Am I

Yes, the desktop can be plugged into any router spot. Yes, the
network should show all items.

However, it's been my experience that the list of networked computers
in Windows Vista (and earlier Windows versions) is often incomplete.
You can spend a lot of time troubleshooting it, but I don't think it's
worth the effort.

To access another computer directly, type the other computer's name in
the Start Search box in this format, then press Enter:


You can also create a desktop shortcut to another computer, specifying
the computer's name, as above, as the location of the item.
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