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I am very new to Vista. I have a small home network. The three XP
machines on the network use static IP addresses. One of the XP machines
shares a printer. When I open Windows Explorer on the new Vista
Business machine and click on Network the only computer listed is the
Vista Business machine. Network Discovery is turned on on the Vista
machine. The workgroup name is set to WORKGROUP on both the XP and
Vista machines.

I cannot find any way to search for a computer by entering the computer
name or IP address as I can in Explorer on XP. I have no idea what the
search box in the upper right corner is supposed to do but it does not
work. As soon as I type any character in the box it says "No items
match your search."

I can ping the XP machine from a command window on the Vista machine.

If I do DIR \\COMPUTERNAME\PRINT$ at the command prompt on the Vista
machine the directory on the XP machine is listed.

I can see the Vista machine in Explorer on the XP machine.

What must I do to allow Vista to see the other computers on the
network??? Thanks.

To search for a computer, type its name in the Search box preceded by
two backslashes:


Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing
Center. Make sure that Network Discovery and File Sharing are turned
on. Configure the network as a private network.

If there's a firewall program (Norton, McAfee, etc), configure it to
allow access by other computers on the local area network. Note that
some antivirus programs have firewall components that have to be
configured, such as Norton Antivirus' "Internet Worm Protection".
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