Re: Networking - Weird Bug

Are you able to connect to your wireless router and access the Internet
through your wireless card?

Error 53 means the network path was not found. If your connection
otherwise works, do you have a 3rd party firewall? If so, is it properly
configured? Can you ping another machine on your network by IP?

There are various possibilities but the starting point is to report whether
you have general connectivity.

"tjasko5041" <tjasko5041@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi Everyone,

I have one the strangest bugs ever created; and no one else seems to get
I cannot detect any (very very few; not even my XP Machines, will explain
soon) of my computers on any network (wireless) I connect to. When I
installed Vista bare clean, it did detect my netword computers, even the
ones. But now, I feel like I should reinstall Vista. But, I really don't
to restore all (I have over 40gb) of my data. That would just take
Is there anyway at all to restore ALL Vista's Networking features/software
normal. Or back to default. I cannot restore using System Restore. I have
been having this for about a month now, and it really messes me up! Over a
week of using it, I just cannot detect any of my Networks. I can in
but not in Vista (my primary OS). I really love Windows. But, this is one
the worst glitches I have ever had with it.

Is it possible to reinstall Vista's Network and Sharing Center? I really
want to detect my XP machines again. You might say, install LTDD (??) onto
the XP machines. Well, the problem is, it still does not work. When I was
using this PC a while ago, they were detected fine. But now, I cannot find
any PC (hardly any; dunno why) on my network. This even happens at my
Library. My friend searched, and he found over 200. I found only 5! Wow,
something is wrong, and I really would appreciate it if anyone would help
fix this.