RE: The Frustrations of Networks

Below is how to Network XP and Vista.
Other people understand it, and have no problems!

Have a read of the above link re Vista File and Printer Sharing.

Permissions/Share info is there as well.

If using Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro I.S., make sure file and printer
sharing is enabled in THEIR firewall (or LAN allowed, depending on how their
Exceptions are worded in their Firewall)

1st thing to do is make sure that the Workgroup Name of ALL the computers is
the SAME.

In Vista Network and Sharing:

Network Discovery: ON (So it can see the other computers)

Network set to Private (Public is for hotspots, airports, etc)

File Sharing: ON

Public Folder Sharing: ON (Vista’s Public Folder is the same as XP’s Shared

Password Protected: OFF (unless you want to set up identical usernames and
passwords (passwords can be different) on ALL computers in your Network) If
you have it ON, you will be asked for a username and password when you try to
access a Vista computer from an XP computer, or a Vista computer.

Also, run the XP’s Home or Small Office Network File and Printer Sharing
Wizard to include Vista in your “New” Network, even if you had an XP Network
set up prior to adding a Vista computer to it(redoing the Wizard seems to
work for XP machines!).

In “My Network Places”: “Set up a Home or Small Office Network”
OR under Accessories > Communications > Network Setup Wizard > Allow File
and Printer Sharing.

Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"NetRider" wrote:

If it is not obvious by now... We must all realize that Microsoft has it's
own direction. We are pretty much not in control of our own computers, nor
will we be ever. The issues I have seen, and what you all are seeing is the
results of many things. All of which I will not be able to address.

1st You really need to have only Vista machines.. cures all problems..

2nd You really need to have a Server to perform DNS and DHCP, even all of us
home users. Gee I wonder why there is now even a Home version of Server.

3rd We really all need to be MSCE's if we are going to have more than one
computer on the network.

4th We need artificial inteligence to figure out what the wizards are doing.

If all else fails refer back to 1,2,3,4