Re: 169 IP conflict on wireless!

Don't know if you have a manual for it or not, but their website is not
very easy to navigate or find things on. I am finding no downloads for
that model, but software upgrades and future WLAN features are mentioned
under "technical data". The short manual I did find says colored lights
indicate the status of each part of the router, and that the WLAN light
should be solid green when on and functioning, blinking green if
accessing it from a wireless device (traffic). Also, some devices do not
allow WLAN access until a "one time initial setup" has been completed.
Have you used the web browser interface to complete a router setup?
Obviously you have gotten far enough to change SSID and security
settings, so I'm not questioning that you have done everything right.
I'm leaning toward a firmware or hardware fault. Check the manual, but
on a wired connection you should be able to connect to it by typing
http://gigaset in a browser address bar. Since there is apparently no
firmware update on their support site, I would hope that somewhere on
the web interface there is an option to check for updates online. Hope
this helps. If nothing works, I'd find out from your ISP if it can be
exchanged or if they know of updates. If you set up with them recently
enough, they should cover replacement under a hardware warranty. If it
cannot be resolved and cannot be replaced, a similar looking model from
Zoom Telephonics is the X6, or 5590. Otherwise, since the LAN interface
appears to be fine, you could spring for a good linksys access point. I
do understand though, if you're looking for the solution that costs
least. Hopefully some of this helps.
product info:
'Gigaset SE567 WLAN dsl - Siemens Gigaset Provider Portal Home'