Re: Vista on NT Network

Are you using ISP DNS? Posting the result of ipconfig /all may help.

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"RichITL" <RichITL@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:4079593B-EBED-4CA8-A1B0-938E07C17ED7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have 2 Vista machines just recently installed onto our NT network.
Everything appeared to work fine. After about a week or so, the Vista's
weren't able to access the shared drives on the network. This seems to be
related to a "authentication" issue on the NT or Vista. It doesn't happen on
a daily basis, just once in a while - usually when someone needs something.
Is there a fix i'm over looking? This is starting to become a problem.
Sometimes i can fix the problem by shutting down the vista machine or the
machine it happens to authenticate too - some times the vista doesn't
authenticate to the NT - I have had it go to the backup server(s) and even an
XP machine. Any help would be appreciated!!