Re: Vista RAS/DUN Error 31 Trace - Who will look at it?

Attached, just the two logs, as requested. The original .html file is
what Vista produced when I switched on logging for the dial-up
connection, tested with straight DUN, and then saved the result to a
file. It includes all available logs with links for easy viewing.

For the files attached to this message, I re-did the tests. First, I
used netsh ras diagnostics to enable logging for all events, (..set
loglevel all, ..set rastracing * enabled, ..set modemtracing enabled).
Then, I ran two tests beginning at specific clock times. Starting at
15:18, I attempted to connect using VZAccess Manager. Starting at
15:19, I attempted to connect with straight DUN using the
NationalAccess-BroadbandAccess connection from Network Connection
manager. (Both attempts resulted in Error 31, as always.) After the
tests, I disabled logging to ensure that the logs were flushed and then
clipped out the section encompassing the test times and saved for

There is a third log, tapisrv.log, that contains a lot of trace info.
I didn't include it since you did not specifically request it, but I
would be happy to post it as well if if would help. Thank you for your
willingness to review the traces.

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