Re: Cannot backup a pst file over a home network

"Jeff Ingman" <JeffIngman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
New Dell PC
Running Vista, Office 2007 & Nornton Internet Security
Am trying to backup Outlook 2007 pst file from one computer to another on
our network.

I can copy and paste any other file from the originating computer to the
destination folder without a problem. (Sharing is enabled.)

But I cannot use the Outlook backup procedure, nor can I simply copy the
file and paste it to the destination folder over the network.

When I attempt a backup or a copy/paste (with Outlook closed) I get the
reaction. The "wheels turn" for about 60seconds then an error message pops
saying "There is a problem accessing [path and pst file name]".

I checked Task Manager and verified Outlook.exe is not open. Some how it
glued in place. But I can copy/paste it to a folder on the same machine. I
just can't move it over the network.

I posted a description of this issue on the Outlook forum but no one has
come up with a solution.


Try this:


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