Re: Sharing PPPoE internet conection via wireless lan

Also, in some PPPoE situations, you need to set the
router MTU to 1492 (many default to 1500).

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You don't say what you are using to connect to the NET; wireless Router?

Make sure router's firmware is up to date for Vista, check for latest
Network adaptor drivers for Laptops.

Also, try unbind TCP/IPv6 in the laptop's Network connections properties

And how, exactly, did you set up the Wireless Network?
Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"louwerse" wrote:


Im trying to share my PPPoE internetconnection via a wireless lan.
Everything is shared now and i even can see the internetconnection on
the remote computers. It is listed in my network as a Residential
gateway device and when i go to properties it says that i can connect to
the internet trough this device. But when i try to access the internet
it dont work. also when i enable the gateway it dont give me internet.

The computer that shares the internet connection is a windows XP
machine and the clients are both windows vista laptops.

I hope someone knows what i have to do.
Thanx in advance for your responding.

Greetings J. Louwerse

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