Re: Home Network with Vista and XP Strange Behaviour

Hi thanks again,

I managed to find the problem. I had don't allow exceptions in windows
firewall checked but I thought it wouldn't matter as the other programs on
the list still worked. Thanks for your help anyway.

"Malke" wrote:

Aviator wrote:

Thanks guys for your responses.

I have McAfee Security Center on XP and I have set the firewall to allow
LAN and allowed File and Printer sharing in both systems' windows firewall
before and I checked again to make sure. Here are the ipconfig /all
results: XP - IP Address:
- Gateway:
- DNS Server:
Vista - IPv4 Address:
- Gateway:
- DNS Server:

I already did the Network Set Wizard on XP but as I said before Vista
can't access XP, thanks again.

Well, both machines are on the same subnet. McAfee is a horrible program
that constantly causes issues. I would uninstall it and use the built-in
Windows Firewall, which is adequate for most people.

McAfee Removal Tools/Instructions

After you've removed McAfee and set the Windows Firewall to allow
File/Printer Sharing, test. If you are still having difficulties, make sure
that you've:

1. Really only got the Windows Firewall running and there are no extra
third-party security programs with any firewall-ish functions.

2. Make sure you create matching user accounts and passwords on all
machines. You do not need to be logged into the same account on all
machines and the passwords assigned to each user account can be different;
the accounts/passwords just need to exist and match on all machines. If you
wish a machine to boot directly to the Desktop (into one particular user's
account) for convenience, you can do this. The instructions at this link
work for both XP and Vista:

Configure Windows to Automatically Login (MVP Ramesh) -


3. If one or more of the computers is XP Pro or Media Center, turn off
Simple File Sharing (Folder Options>View tab).

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