Re: Wireless Network needs reconnecting each time Vista starts


My network is setup as you have described. Also the option to connect
automatically is enabled and and it is displayed accordingly. Only the
broadcast of the SSID isn't enabled. But I'll go ahead with enabling that
since what other readings I've come across the internet concur with what you
said about SSID.

Thank you,

"Sooner Al [MVP]" wrote:

Why are you not broadcasting the SSID? Its not a valid security measure and
causes issues with connectivity.

If you properly secure your wireless network with WPA2/WPA and use a long
random key your safe. I use WPA-PSK [AES] and a 63-character random ASCII to
protect my home wireless network.

Have you configured Vista to automatically connect to your network? Open up
"Network and Sharing Center" then look at the "Manage wireless networks"
over on the left. You can highlight each wireless network you connect to and
configure auto connect in "Properties".

You can also "Merge or delete network locations" to consolidate your
MyWirelessNet, MyWirelessNet2 and MyWireless3 locations. Open "Network and
Sharing", click on "Customize" then "Merge or delete network locations".


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"Jim" <Jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I've set up a wireless network. Whenever I start Windows or remove the
adapter and reconnect it, Windows Vista cannot re-establish the connection
automatically. It was working fine till recently. But not any more. On the
router I've disabled SSID and from what I can understand vista or the
isn't broadcasting to re-establish that connection. Under Manage wireless
networks I have the SSID appearing three times ie: MyWirelessNet ,
MyWirelessNet 2, MyWirelessNet 3. In the properties of these, the
settings are all checked. I wont to correct this problem without having to
broadcast the SSID on the router.

Thank you,