Re: More info on trouble sharing folders


I have had the same problem only my situation is made even more absurd by the fact that my old desktop and my new laptop are both running Vista. They see one another but when I try to access them I get the access denied message. I have tried everything. I bought and read two books, spoken to numerous people -- and NO ONE has been able to help me fix this. I ended up using MS Groove to access files from both computers. If you get any answers that actually fix the problem please let me know. --- Richard

"carl43m" <carl43m@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:F2DFAB0E-C94A-4C92-8FC9-9854DF086AA4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I used easy transfer to move files from an old Xp pc to windows vista pc. I
then tried to do shared folders between the new pc and my laptop which is an
xp system. I can see the laptop on my vista pc network and I can access the
laptop files. When I click on folders in my vista machine that I identified
to share they show as shared. When I go to my laptop with xp the new pc
shows up in network places. However, as soon as I click on the icon for the
shared folders I get an access denied -don't have permission to access. On
my vista machine I have password protection off , discovery on, public folder
on and file sharing on. The public folder allows me to click on its folders
with no access issues but all the files that were transfered using easy
transfer say access denied. Anyone have any ideas/suggestion on how to fix
this? Thanks.