Re: Can't connect Remote Desktop between Vista and XP.

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Since XP prompted you for credentials for the Vista machine, we know
that the machines are communicating with each other. At that prompt,
enter the same user name and password that you use when you log on to
the Vista machine at its local keyboard.

To use Remote Desktop, your account must have a password. It isn't
possible to connect remotely using an account that doesn't have a

Is there a software firewall (Norton, McAfee, ZoneAlarm, etc) on
either computer? If so, configure it to allow Remote Desktop


Ok i guess here's where i messed up during setup. I did not setup a
password or user name on either computer, because I am the only user.
How do i back-track and setup a username/password for the network on
both the vista and xp. FYI, i'd like to control each computer with the
other through remote desktop.

I do not have software firewall, unless its installed in my router.
Which i believe i have forwarded the correct ports, anyway. I am using
windows in-built xp and vista firewalls.

You have a user name on each computer, which you can see in Control
Panel > User Accounts. That's also where you can create a password
for your user account.

A software firewall can't be installed in your router, and there's no
reason to set up port forwarding in your router.

Make sure that the exception for Remote Desktop is enabled in the
Windows Firewall on each computer.

Go to Control Panel > Security Center and make sure that it show
Windows Firewall as the only firewall.
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