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"dnr" <dnr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:4715492D-CB32-4CA0-9248-5A12A5FBF7A8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have a network consisting of 2-Vista Ultimate 32bit, 2-XP Professional 32
bit and 1- Xbox 360.
All systems show all other boxes on the network, except for one of the Vista
systems We will call it X). If you open View Computers and Devices on X it
shows the Vista systems, and the XBox, and two media systems (one being X)
but not either of the XP Computers(both with SP3 and thus the finding XP
boxes patch). If you wait awhile (2 minutes) they finally show up, but then
disappear 10-15 minutes later.
For example is you start a copy from the Vista box to the XP box of a large
file, it fails after say 10 minutes, however Media Player rips CDs to the XP
box without any trouble
On X (the Vista box that is having the problem):
Computer Browser service does not show up in services.msc It is just not
there. (Everything about scvhosts.exe seems to be fine.)
The Registry has the right entries for both "browser" and "Browser."
"browser.dll" is present in windows/system32
Command net service browser returns “invalid service name”
I am assuming that this is a “computer browser” service issue. How do I
figure out what is preventing this service from starting?


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