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"Aquarius" <paul1n@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:3494c37d-c4cf-4c27-a5e1-f97d457a3c78@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Many people report dropout and connection loss problems with Vista. I
had similar problems after I bought a Dell inspiron 530 desktop.
Accessing shares over the LAN was an exercise in frustration. Hours of
searching the net, trying many solutions including 'Receive Window
Auto-Tuning'; nothing solved the problem.

Fed up with Vista, I installed XP as dual-boot. Everything working
perfectly under XP. Just as I was about to make it the default OS, I
ran into a Microsoft "Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool" (google
this to find). If the router passes the tests, it's 'Vista
compatible'. My router passed the test.

Yet I decided to check for a firmware update. There was an update:
from v2.50 (2004!) to 2.75b2 (2006, indicated as a beta!!). Installed
the update and to my big surprise the problem was solved.

Lessons learned:
- In case of network problems, check the router.
- Vista is not so buggy after all. (off topic: it's just incredibly
- Don't trust diagnostics if they report a 'pass'

System configuration:
- PC: Dell Inspiron 530, Core 2 duo processor, 2 GB RAM
- Network adapter: on-board Intel 82562-V, latest driver
- Router: D-link DI-624;
- Other machines:1 wireless laptop + 1 wired desktop, both XP