Re: Disabling the network balloon

Do you map a network drive at home? If yes, how?

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I use my laptop both at home and at work. I have mapped a network drive to a
shared folder on one of my home computers.

Now, logically, every time I use my laptop at work, I get a balloon message
saying not all network drives could be restored (or similar, I'm translating
from dutch). I know that, and I'm not expecting it to be. I just don't want
to do it by hand every time I log on to my home network.

Is it possible to disable that balloon? I've found this old (2004) article
for XP that allows disabling ALL notification balloons:, but most balloons actually contain
useful information. I only want to disable this specific balloon tooltip.

Any ideas?

Using: Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit, without SP1 (haven't received it
through Windows Update yet, and I'm not downloading it manually).