Re: Sharing between Vista and 2008

Can they ping each by IP? If not, please post back with the results of ipconfig /all on both computers.

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"hpram99" <hpram99@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:0955FFFE-9360-4149-A1D6-E431FBE4ADCD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have server 2008 SP1 running as a desktop PC and another with Vista Ultimate.
(yes, they are both licenced)

I cannot access my server share from the Vista PC, yet my WM6 PDA has no
problem. No matter what I do, I get "access is denied"

Password required is turned off
Share has everyone and guest added with full control
Does not prompt for un/pw when I connect to the server, but when I try to
access the share, it's immidiate denial.

I've been bashing my head for weeks now, this wasn't an issue with XP/2003