RE: Browser(s) can't connect to the internet but IM client can

What happens when you try? Which browser are you using?

Ben M. Schorr, MVP
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I am also facing the same problem with my Vista machine. I am also not able
to visit any web sites while I can connect to internet via IM.

I've also tried all steps provided on this forum, this post as well as some
other posts. Even tried disabling TCP auto tuning feature, but no success yet.

Please help me to fix it.


"gt8672" wrote:

> Recently, i have experienced an issue, with no obvious triggering event,
> where neither IE or Firefox browsers can connect to the internet. My IM
> client works fine.
> I am running on a wireless network, but no changes have been made to the FW
> or other settings. I have done all of the resolver cache, winsock resets, etc
> that I have seen. I can ping other computers on the network and my WAN IP.
> nslookups on well know resolve.
> Ideas on troubleshooting - how on FW welcome.