Re: Wireless dropouts and old adapters

You can "Merge and delete network locations" in Vista.

Are you broadcasting your wireless network SSID? Not doing so can cause connectivity issues. More information here...

Its also possible you have a conflict with another wireless network using the same SSID and/or channel. You could run a scan using the "cmd /k netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid " command from the "Start -> Run" window or use one of these scan programs that run on Vista.


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"bensoir" <bensoir.3b097d@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:bensoir.3b097d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi all,

I'm having major dropouts with my wireless network. I have other
machines connected, linux, xp and both are great but vista is dropping
out all the time. I think it's something to do with old wireless
network adapters I have installed on my machine.

The wireless connection I am using is called connection 3 which means I
have at some point installed a wireless usb on a couple of my usb

The question is how do I remove the wireless connections 1 and 2 and
just leave 3 the one I am using at the moment.

I can't find any uninstall for the belkin adapter I used previously but
know they're still on my machine somewhere.

Thanks guys

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