Re: Printer sharing XP & Vista

Thanks Mick for your advice. I amnot able to see XP's printer in Vista's
Network and Sharing, Add Network Device. Any ideas? I've tried so many things
I'm surprised I haven't stumbled upon something. Thanks again! Richie

"Mick Murphy" wrote:

Below is the way I do it between XP and Vista.
It does not matter which computer workgroup name you change, as long as the
are the SAME name.
Computer name does not matter; Thor1 and Thor2.
And don't forget file and printer sharing wizard on XP; at the bottom here!

And in Vista Network and Sharing, click on Add Network Device> browse to
XP's Printer> Add it
Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"Richie" wrote:

Thank you Bob for your reply. How do you "ping"? I am a novice at some things.

"Robert L. (MS-MVP)" wrote:

It is better to setup both computers in the same workgroup. Can you ping
each other host name? If yes, you may want to setup local printer first and
then remap it as network printer. This search results may help.
Vista Print Issues
Fix printer sharing in Vista by installing local port first ... Many
Vista printer issues are solved by installing the printer as a Local Printer

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"Richie" <Richie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a Dell PC with XP Home and a Dell A960 Printer attached to it. I
have a new HP Laptop with Vista premium that has also had the same printer
attached to it at times so the drivers are installed on HP laptop. I
installed a router so I can use laptop wirelessly. That works fine.
I am unable to print to the host printer wirelessly. I get message saying
printer cannot communicate with computer. I tried everything I found on
Google searches. I have enabled printer sharing on both. Do I have to make
the Workgroup names the same and if so do I change the Dell with XP or the
with Vista? I changed the Dell once to no avail so I changed back. Do
computer names have to be same? Any step by step help would be
appreciated; I
am a novice at networking.