Re: Vista and XP can't file or printer share

Hello Moomitch,

If you haven't already, please review this TechNet article on file an printer sharing with Windows Vista. If you have any further questions or problems then let us know.

Eric Cross
Microsoft MVP (Windows Desktop Experience)

"Moomitch" <Moomitch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:44D455C1-B2AE-4594-BA88-359B45E5898A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I need a simple step by step explanation of how to make this new Vista laptop
communicate with my XP desk top. I have tried everything I can find on the
various forums out there and either none of it works or I just don't know
enough about computers to make it happen. I can't afford to pay someone to
come to my house. Can anyone help me?

I imagine by this point I have really screwed it up by trying so many
different things. I have no problem accessing the net but can't get the
network set up to work. HELP!