Re: New External HDD sharing problem

Banjo666 wrote:

I have set all the permissions I can find under the Security tab.
Under the Locations setting all I can find is the host PC.
I have changed the usernames on both computers to the same name.
I take it by username you mean the name you logon to the computer with
when it starts up ??

the error message I get is:
""d" is available but the user account that you are logged on with was
denied access.
Windows cannot further disgnose the problem because network disgnostics
does not know the user name or password that is required to connect to the
shared folder."

I think the key clue is "I have changed the usernames on both computers to
the same name". You can't change user accounts by simply renaming them. The
renaming is cosmetic only and the real original user account is unchanged.

Change your user names back to what they were and then create matching user
accounts and passwords on all machines. You do not need to be logged into
the same account on all machines and the passwords assigned to each user
account can be different; the accounts/passwords just need to exist and
match on all machines. If you wish a machine to boot directly to the
Desktop (into one particular user's account) for convenience, you can do
this. The instructions at this link work for both XP and Vista:

Configure Windows to Automatically Login (MVP Ramesh) -

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