Re: Intel Wifi AGN 4965 wireless card cannot see 802.11n 5 Ghz net

there has been a lot of pain with the 4965 and N only in general.
do you see the network if you reset the Time Capsule to defaults
mixed mode, etc. or do you have the issue in all modes/all security

On Tue, 17 Jun 2008 05:40:01 -0700, ladyfractal
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The network is in N-only mode using WPA-2 with AES-CCMP. There's another
wireless router, a Belkin 8231-4 running in mixed mode which is the DHCP
server while the Airport Express is running in bridge mode. I don't think
that's the problem (although I haven't checked to see what happens if I
switch the Time Capsule to be a DHCP server) since the Mac gets an IP address
from the Belkin router just fine but is on the N-only network.


"Barb Bowman" wrote:

are you in mixed mode? n only? what kind of security are you using?

On Mon, 16 Jun 2008 22:32:00 -0700, ladyfractal
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I have a 802.11n broadcasting a network at 5 Ghz. The router is a 500 Gb
Time Capsule (aka Airport Extreme). My Macbook Pro sees the network fine.
The other laptop, a Sony Vaio running Vista Home Premium does not see the
network. The installed wireless is an AGN 4965. At the suggestion of a
colleague, I disabled IPv6 which did no good. We've applied SP 1 to no
avail. The network does not show up *at all* in the list of available

I've installed the original Intel driver downloaded from their site as well
as the original Sony driver, neither of which has done any good. Has anyone
seen this behavior?

Barb Bowman


Barb Bowman