Re: Missing Codec for playing a video from my camera

Renee'''' Thompson wrote:
I have tried to no avail to get the video off of my digital camera
onto my computer. No matter what program I use, I get a message that
the codec is missing. How do I figure out what Codec I need?

The extension of the file is .mov

Thanks to anyone who can help. This video stuck on my camera is very
important to me.
MOV is the Apple QuickTime format.

My camera takes Quicktime video. How do
I see those files in the Windows Vista Photo Gallery?

If you have a compatible media player you
should be able to play the .mov files. Do you
have QuickTime installed?

Download QuickTime

Also...the the following freeware players can
play the .mov files.

VLC Media Player

Media Player Classic
(just unzip it and run installation required)


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